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Debug Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An internal class used to implement the debugging framework.

You shouldn't use this class directly. Instead, use it like this:

 DEBUG << "foo is " << foo
 INFO << "Accepted connection from " << addr;
 WARN << "...";
 ERROR << "...";
 FATAL << "Assertion failed";  // Also kills program
 CORE << "Assertion failed";   // Kills program, leaving core dump

You can use feed just about anything, type-safely, as arguments to << (consider it varargs, C++ style).

This prints messages like the following to standard error:

 Debug [file.c:30] Foo is bar
 info  [file.c:31] Accepted connection from
 warn  [file.c:32] ...
 error [file.c:33] ...
 fatal [file.c:34] Assertion failed
 core! [file.c:35] Assertion failed

Well, actually, by default only warnings, errors, and fatal errors are reported. To enable more warnings, you can specify a Debug level in the DEBUG environment variable (1 to enable info messages, and 2 to enable Debug messages).

Pretty soon you'll also be able to selectively set debugging levels by file or method, useful for debugging parts of your system without displaying crud from everywhere.

Note that DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, and FATAL are macros.

Public Methods

 Debug ()
 ~Debug ()
ostream & get_debug_stream ()
void set_debug_stream (ostream &out)
int get_level_for_file (const char *file)
void increase_verbosity_to (int level)
void set_show_thread (bool show_thread)
bool get_show_thread ()
bool operator^ (const DebugMsg &msg)

Static Public Methods

Debug & get ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Member Function Documentation

Debug& Debug::get   [static]

ostream& Debug::get_debug_stream  

int Debug::get_level_for_file const char *    file

bool Debug::get_show_thread  

void Debug::increase_verbosity_to int    level

bool Debug::operator^ const DebugMsg &    msg

void Debug::set_debug_stream ostream &    out

void Debug::set_show_thread bool    show_thread

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