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NMSTL Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AddressA network Address (e.g., an IPv4 or IPv6 Address and port, or a UNIX-domain Socket path)
AtomicAn Atomic integer class
Callback< R, T1, T2, etc >Generic callbacks
ConditionA Condition variable
constbufAn immutable data buffer
databufA mutable data buffer
DebugAn internal class used to implement the debugging framework
dynbufA dynamically allocated, reference-counted mutable data buffer
Guard< Lock >A class which acquires a lock on creating and destroys it on destruction
InetAddressAn IP Address and port
IOEventLoopAn event loop that multiplexes a set of handlers
IOHandleA reference-counted I/O handle (descriptor)
IOHandlerA handler that receives notifications on events on a file descriptor
ISerialAn ISerial is analogous to an ObjectInputStream in Java
LengthHeaderA struct containing only an integer which may be used as a header for the MsgHandler class
MsgHandler< Header, Lock >A handler which reads and writes messages, each with a fixed-size message described by the struct Header
MutexA non-recusive mutual-exclusion lock
NetHandler< Lock >A handler which buffers incoming and outgoing data
OSerialAn OSerial is analogous to an ObjectOutputStream in Java
ptr< T >A threadsafe reference-counting smart pointer class
result< T >
seda_clock_threadA Thread that may be used as a clock for a group of SEDA stages
seda_stage_baseBase class for all stages in a SEDA (staged, event-driven application) decomposition
SEDAStage< In, void >A stage in a SEDA (staged, event-driven application) decomposition
SocketA network Socket descriptor
StatusA tuple comprising a boolean "good" flag, and a human-readable string that is a reason for failure (or success; but usually failure)
TCPAcceptor< T, Arg >A service which creates a server Socket on a local port and waits for connections
TCPSocketA TCP Socket descriptor
TermHandlerGNU Readline-based terminal input/output handler, providing command completion and history
ThreadA Thread of control
Threaded< T >A Thread of control for an object with a run() method
TimeA class encapsulating a duration or a point in time
TimerAn object that may be attached to an event loop to cause its fire() method to be called at a particular time
TQueue< T >A threadsafe queue class much like an STL queue

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