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Socket Member List

This is the complete list of members for Socket, including all inherited members.
accept(Address &a)Socket
acceptor enum valueSocket
as_string() constIOHandle
bind(const Address &a)Socket
connect(const Address &a)Socket
flags enum nameSocket
get_fd() constIOHandle
IOHandle(int fd)IOHandle [explicit]
listen(int backlog=5)Socket
nonblocking enum valueSocket
none enum valueSocket
operator bool() constIOHandle
pipe()IOHandle [static]
read(void *buf, unsigned int count)IOHandle
read(databuf buf, unsigned int count)IOHandle
read(databuf buf)IOHandle
read_fully(void *buf, unsigned int count)IOHandle
read_fully(databuf buf, unsigned int count)IOHandle
read_fully(databuf buf)IOHandle
set_blocking(bool block)IOHandle
set_status(const Status &s)IOHandle [protected]
Socket(int fd)Socket [protected]
Socket(int family, int type)Socket [protected]
Socket(int family, int type, Address addr, flags f=none)Socket [protected]
Socket(const IOHandle &ioh)Socket
IOHandle::stat() constIOHandle
sys_socket(int a, int b, int c)Socket [static]
write(const void *buf, int count)IOHandle
write(constbuf in)IOHandle
write_fully(const void *buf, unsigned int count)IOHandle
write_fully(constbuf in)IOHandle

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