NMSTL for C++

version 0.5

NMSTL is the Networking, Messaging, Servers, and Threading Library, a portable, templatized C++ library for writing, well, networking and messaging components, servers, and threaded applications. In general, the goal is that NMSTL is to "systems stuff" what STL is to algorithms and containers. (This goal is probably not realistic but it's a good one to strive for!)

NMSTL contains lots of components intended to make it easier to write applications in C++. It's high-performance - as in STL, nearly everything is implemented such that a good compiler will inline and optimize away nearly all the object-oriented overhead.

NMSTL is currently being developed by me, Jon Salz, in the Networks and Mobile Systems group at the Laboratory for Computer Science at MIT.

Template-heavy code like NMSTL and STL generates really weird-looking compiler errors, so we include a tool called WTF to prettify error output from the GNU C++ compiler, g++. Try it and you'll be hooked.

You can download NMSTLfrom SourceForge, take a look at the Ten-Minute Guide to NMSTL, or maybe just look at some sample NMSTL applications. We provide API documentation in framed HTML format (and also without frames), courtesy of Doxygen.